Kent and I on the Plaza

Kent and I on the Plaza

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Second Week of EER - Wednesday, August 31

In History Mystery we are discussing The Spanish American War.  It's fun to teach because very few of the kids have even heard of it.  The mystery is that of the sinking of the US Maine.  I found a great 7 min. intro. to the war on Youtube.  We begin with it and then talk about the causes of the Maine's explosion.  We also get a chance to discuss primary and secondary sources.  We read an actual  newspaper article and letter from an eyewitness.  The assignment at the end is to write a letter back to the eyewitness stating an opinion on the cause of the explosion and to support it with facts from the sources.  My Wednesday students did not get a chance to complete the letter, so we'll finish it next week.

In The Poet Tree, we read The Pirate Don Durk of Dowdee by Mildred Pew Meigs.  We found examples of imagery and alliteration.  We started writing limericks and the kids all did a great job.  We'll continue with limericks next week.  We'll work on writing limericks using alliteration and each student will choose one to "publish."  The chosen limerick will be edited and handed in for scoring.

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